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Cory Blan Fitness and Nutrition is a Mobile Personal training studio serving the lower Hudson Valley.

Hey there, I’m Cory!

I didn’t always do this. I was a cook and then an exterminator. I was in the Navy, and repossessed cars too.

I was always a little athletic but weirdly out of shape and unhealthy, somehow all at the same time. I partied and ate my way up to 265lbs at one point, before I knew something had to change, and I started to whittle that down slowly. During that period I tried All The Things, I was vegetarian for 8 years, and rode my bike a lot, and that got me part of the way there. I then explored the paleo or low-carb approach with some weight lifting, and that got me a little closer. I wanted to keep going, and it turns out if you want to be a healthy and happy person but you’re miserable all day long at work, that’s going to make things a lot more difficult.

With my wife’s blessing I left my well-paying job and company car for the chance to help people do what I did and to continue my own path of growth and discovery. I was lucky enough to have a large family owned gym within cycling distance (Premiere Athletic Club) and I forged a niche while I was there training people for weight loss, knee and back pain, postural issues, and more in people of all ages. It turns out folks who need a personal trainer are not the quarterback or the prom queen, they are regular people struggling just like I was. And it turns out I like what I do even more than I thought I would. There’s nothing better than helping the people in my community feel better!

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When I decided to work with Cory, it was after having spent a lifetime struggling to attain a healthy weight. As cliched as it sounds, I tried everything; all kinds of diets (Atkins, WW, juicing, South Beach to name a few), and even had Lap Band surgery in 2007. None of these tools worked. I finally decided that maybe rather I try another quick fix, I just work to eat healthier, and move more.

What was critically important to me was to work with someone who understood the emotional ups & downs of weight loss. Anyone who’s battled their weight knows that success depends as much on what’s going on in your head as it does what you eat & whether you’re exercising. After learning that Cory had battled his weight, I knew he was the one for me. He took time to understand my goals, my health limitations & my style of learning. He worked with me on my fitness as well as offered guidance to my diet….and dealt with inevitable ups and downs that come with any long term health change.

Two years later, I’ve gotten rid of over 80 pounds, and feel better than I have in 20 years. I’m off all of the meds I used to take for diabetes, and most of my heart meds. Most important is that I don’t feel like this is temporary. It’s been fast enough to keep me motivated, but slow enough for the good habits to take hold. I’m so grateful for Cory’s support throughout my health journey.

What I’d tell anyone starting their health journey? If you’re done with all the products promising to change your life with little to no effort, and are ready to work and committed to your goals, and want someone who knows their stuff AND gets what it takes to be successful….Cory is your guy!!!!
Lynne L
Happy CBF&N Client

I’ve been training with Cory for 18 months and can’t recommend him highly enough.
I met Cory in April 2019. I was extremely active, but felt overweight and unhappy in my own skin. I didn’t like my lack of energy and I hated dressing to hide my weight. I knew I had a lot to learn about nutrition and a lot of eating habits to break.

Cory helped me eat better with a nutrition plan that was based (mostly!) on the foods I already enjoyed eating. He didn’t try to starve me or keep me from eating pizza every Friday night. He did, however, drive home the need for moderation (my portions were way too big) and self-discipline (sometimes you just have to say no to yourself). Luckily, he somehow framed it all in a way that was empowering rather than overwhelming. Instead of feeling like I was depriving myself by not eating certain foods, each good choice worked to inspire the next good choice and I kept feeling better and better.

What I didn’t know was that the kind of exercise I had been doing wasn’t going to help me achieve my goals. I wanted to lose fat and add muscle. So Cory added weights (which I had always avoided like the plague) and resistance training to my usual cardio workouts. Before I knew it, I lost 25lbs ! Awesome right? The best part is that 20 of those pounds was FAT and only 5 were LEAN mass. Cory literally transformed my body.

I loved losing that weight and I love feeling stronger, but the caring and connection Cory brings to training is even better. Cory wants you to achieve your goals. He shares his expertise, calls you out on your excuses and finds ways to help you stay motivated.

I LOOK better having worked with Cory. More meaningfully, I FEEL better having spent time with him.
Tricia R
Happy CBF&N Client

My son has been training with Cory for three years. He was diagnosed with scoliosis prior to that and was recommended physical therapy. He did not like going to physical therapy and resisted following up with assigned exercises at home. We decided to get him a personal trainer. Since he started working out with Cory he became increasingly stronger his posture improved, and has been enjoying the workouts. I also noticed that he developed healthier eating habits. He is now well built with a great posture and so much more confident! Thank you Cory for your care and support!
Happy CBF&N Client

Nine weeks later and ten pounds lighter, I’m so glad I began a fitness and weight-loss program with Cory. Our workouts put a smile on my face (a first) with a well-calibrated amount of challenge and variety, leavened by plenty of humor. His humane approach to nutrition takes the sting out of calorie reduction, with plenty of workarounds to accommodate your favorite foods. The entire process has been not only painless but empowering, and I expect to shed my remaining excess pounds and reclaim the taut and toned body I left behind some time ago with Cory’s expert guidance.
Jill M
Happy CBF&N Client